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King Racegear

Avis Bottes SMX5 Bleu Alpinestars

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Lets start with the main construction of the boot. What we get is D Stone fabric, Dainese strong textile made out of nylon. They use this on their sports and racing gear because of its strength which is comparable to leather. Higher up on the boot is microfiber and this is another textile, though it isn’t as tough as D Stone. It is however more flexible and more comfortable to wear. The sole is made out of rubber as well.


For armour, we have a surprisingly large amount of magnesium. The big replaceable magnesium sliders can easily be replaced with screws. Then we have the same material on the outer side and heel and on the outer side. Magnesium is lightweight and tough against abrasion. Then we have hard nylon to give impact and abrasion resistance around the heel, toe and shin.