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Bengio Bumper Standard rib protection

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The Bengio Bumper Standard is a handmade rib protector which consists of 2 shells that are made up of 3 layers of fiberglass. The shells are provided with 8 mm on the inside. thick foam. In addition to protection in the event of an impact, the foam also offers the necessary comfort, not unimportant since the rib protector is worn under the racing overall.

The shoulder straps of the Bengio Bumper Standard are easy to adjust in length, so that a perfect fit is easy to create. Front of a so-called Double-D closure at the front.

XS = chest circumference 67 - 74 cm.
S = chest circumference 75 - 80 cm.
SM = chest circumference 81 - 85 cm.
M = chest circumference 86 - 90 cm.
L = chest circumference 91 - 98 cm.
XL = chest circumference 99 - 106 cm.
XXL = chest circumference 107+ cm.

Please note: the Bengio Bumper Standard rib protector is available in 3 colours, namely black/orange, anthracite/yellow and white/green. However, we have no influence on what we receive from the manufacturer, and can therefore not guarantee which color we can currently supply. You can of course specify your preference in the 'comments' field further on in the ordering process, if possible we will take this into account.