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King Racegear

FIA Nomex Fireproof Car Racing Suit

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FIA Nomex Fireproof Car Racing Suit

P1 Racewear LAP car racing suit has a fashionable design and is made of durable nomex materials. This suit is equipped with stretch panels under the armpits and the lower back, which gives an optimal freedom of movement. Total weight 1000 gr. (for size 3 175 cm - 70 kg), weight of the overall always depends on the size of the suit. 340 grams/m2

Typical features for the LAP are:

  • Naamband
  • Pants pockets but subtly present (4)
  • Embroidered shoulder edges and breathable material at shoulder height (5)
  • Elastic panels at arm height (6) and back height (8) = optimal freedom of movement
  • Regular fit version
  • Available in 3 different colours
  • FIA 8856-2018