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Helmet Bell KC7 CMR Champion Pink

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Helmet Bell KC7 CMR Champion Pink

Product description

The Bell KC7 and KC3-CMR helmet are certified to the new CMH standard, developed jointly by the FIA Institute and the Snell Memorial Foundation. This standard has been developed to create safer and lighter helmets for use in karting.

Under CIK regulations, helmets with Snell-FIA CMH standard (CMR) approval can be used by all drivers in karting. These helmets are strongly recommended for all kart drivers and are mandatory for drivers under 15 years old. 

  • Ultra lightweight helmet with Carbon/Kevlar/Glass hand laminated shell: 1185g in sizes 54 till 56 and 1230g in sizes 57 till 59 (+/- 3%)
  • Very attractive style based on HP7, used in F1.
  • 2mm shield with double screen anti-fog for optimal vision under all circumstances.
  • Powerful top and chin bar ventilations thanks to a total of no less than 14 air intakes and extraction channels.
  • Optimized shell & shield design resulting in improved aerodynamic behaviour and energy absorbing capacities
  • Air intake 2 parts, top spoiler, side air intakes, side air extractors and chin bar gurney available separately
  • Non-fireproof lining for extra durability

    Snell CMR approved Sizes: 54 to 59 cm