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Stilo Venti WRC ZERO Rally Racing Helmet

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  • FIA 8859-2018 Homologated
  • Beautiful carbon fibre construction 
  • Full face racing helmet with integrated microphone and comms ports
  • Fitted with long visor as standard
  • Optional drinks kit fitment for endurance racing
  • 8860 homologation helmet for ultimate shell strength

The Stilo ST5F 8860 carbon helmet is designed with a narrow and small shell, making it one of the most aerodynamically superior helmets in its class. This design contributes to improved performance in racing situations, especially during high performance events like WEC. The ST5 F's small shell has been engineered to fit individuals with larger head sizes, which is a remarkable achievement. This eliminates the need for a larger and heavier shell for those with larger heads, ensuring a better fit and comfort for a wider range of drivers.

Weighing a little over 1400g (small shell) , the helmet is impressively lightweight while still meeting the rigorous FIA 8860-2018 safety standards. This lightweight construction is especially advantageous for drivers experiencing high G-forces during races. The helmet features a 3mm long visor ideal for open-top racing cars, and it's tear-off ready to maintain clear vision. It comes with integrated electronics including a built-in microphone and comm port, allowing seamless radio communication. All that is needed are earplug speakers to complete the communication setup. The ST5F incorporates advanced ventilation systems. The deeper helmet opening enhances peripheral vision, while the new Top Air ventilation system (optional) provides fresh air to the face and head. This is particularly beneficial for GT and Le Mans racing where cockpit temperatures can be high.

The double density liner is designed to offer a snug and comfortable fit. The super-soft liner next to the skull enhances comfort levels, providing an unparalleled fit for the user.

The helmet has the option for both side and frontal drink systems. This allows for convenient hydration during races without requiring significant modifications to the helmet.

The helmet comes with built-in electronics, including a microphone in the front chin section and an earplug connection below the comm port. This setup makes it easy to connect a radio system for communication, especially during pit stops and driver changes.

The helmet is pre-wired with a connection for earplugs or earmuffs (available separately) and this can be adapted to suit a number of connections including RCA, 3.5mm and Autotel/MRTC.  

Weight data: 

  • Small shell (XS - L) 1420g
  • Large shell (XL - XXXL) 1540g

Part number: AA0700CG1R